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Fuck Yeah!

on Sep 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Just got an email that, while expected, generated a great deal of joy. My patriots day will be spent this year with 30,000 of my closest friends. It was a year to the day that I got a much different email. What a difference a year...

Size Matters

on Sep 12, 2014 in Race Report

I had a great marathon in the spring.  I wrote a about it.  I was very happy.  But ever since then, less happy.  I’ve run two races before today of which I was so not-proud that I didn’t even blog about them!  Can you imagine?  Yeah, me neither!  But I’ve been getting in the miles, going to speed workouts, getting in my long runs, etc., but still I haven’t been able to get my weight back to where I want it and I think that is really messing me up. Runners are nuts.  We somehow believe that just by running a shitload we can eat whatever we want.  And as much as we want.  And I think there is some real truth to that — we can eat a lot, and I do.  But over time, I’ve inched up to around 180, where I think I’d be much happier at 175.  I’d be over the moon at 170.  (I’m 6′-0″),  and at 165, man I’d kill it!  This...

Man’s Best Friend: Now Running with Strangers

on Jul 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

Man’s Best Friend:  Now Running with Strangers

Running in London. Brilliant.

on Jul 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

One of the things I love about my job is the travel.  That’s not really true.  But one of the things that’s true about my job is that I travel.  And I do notice that running is different in different places.  The way people run in China is different than the way people run in Chinatown (in China, people seem to run very fast for very short distances, like every workout is an interval workout.  In Chinatown, that’s also true, but it’s usually dodging traffic).   I thought to myself “self, you should write about this.” I had a great family vacation in London and Berlin.  Great food.  A lot of crying children.  Not ours of course.  OK, they were ours. I got some great runs in in both cities, and I’ve run in Berlin on a couple of trips before.  I even wrote a little blog post about running in Berlin right before the Marathon in 2010, and to quote...

Since you didn’t ask: Traveling to London

on Jul 8, 2014 in Travel

First, a warning:  this post isn’t about running.  I will write a post about running in London because it’s AWESOME.  But I wanted to write down what I, as a cheap New Yorker, discovered on my recent trip.  There really isn’t anything about running in this article.  You can skip it.  I promise. First about me and what’s in my head: On vacation from New York with my wife and two kids. Thought to myself, “self, you should write some of the crap down you learned about making your trip easier.” then I thought “where the hell would I write it down? My fantastic running blog? But it’s not really about running. You should write about running only there. Maybe a blog post about running in London. OK in a minute.” I am a control freak, so I’m going to tell you what to do. Just do what I tell you. You’ll thank me later. Do these...

Lucky Greg

on May 24, 2014 in Race Report

It. Went. Great. I had the best race of my life at the Run for the Red Marathon. And today, as proud as I am of myself, I find myself keenly aware that I got to this point through the help of others.  And that feels great.  Although I worked hard, I am so very lucky to have the great support of those that got me here. This time I splurged on an online coach, and Greg McMillan’s Andrew Lemoncello was perfect for me. He gave me a plan every month and was really helpful when things went well. He  was also great when things fell apart. I had one particularly wretched speed-workout on the West Side highway a few weeks ago. It was meant to be tempo intervals, but it turned into a series of stops in wretched porta-potties, with a turnaround into an early spring New York rain. That could do nothing to mask my tears. Andrew reminded me of earlier workouts that had gone well, that I needed...

Runway Models

on Apr 8, 2014 in Race Report

I’m back in Phoenix, a place I love.  Mostly because of the running.  Sunny.  Flat.  I guess it can get hot.  But for now, after the winter we’ve had in New York, I am thrilled to to be here.  My Phoenix running BFF Terri (from whom you should buy a house) found a race for me to run.  Which is great.  Because what’s better than racing when you’re out of town?  Nothing! Run the Runway takes place at the  Scottsdale airport.  On a runway. I was a little concerned about many things.  First, and foremost, was how freaking boring the course was going to be.  Although in a perfect would I could entertain myself with the voices in my head, I do like a little scenery.  Maybe a hill or two.  OK, no hills.  Well, downhills. Terri also pointed out that there would be zero shade.  And that last year it was very very hot.  Hot.  No shade. The race is unique —...

Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon 2014

on Mar 22, 2014 in Race Report

Training has been going well — I’ve been very happy with some of my speed workouts, I’ve gotten a long run or two in, but I’ve not raced since a badly measured 5k over a month ago.  I was anxious to see how I was going to do in a longer race, and what better opportunity than a relentless half marathon. I ran the inaugural year of the Sleepy Hollow half marathon in 2011.  I did pretty well — heck, I think it was my PR at the time.  This is a notorious course, there’s a rumor that Jim Gerweck, race director of the never-flat Boston Build Up series designed it.  I’m not quite sure how I ran it well three years ago, but the fact that I had a good time under my belt made today’s race more intimidating that I would have liked. My pre-race stress was based on having a shitty day and then realizing my fitness was off and then becoming so...