A New Low

It was 8° when I left the house today.  That fact pretty much framed the whole day — or at least until we could all forget about the whole 8° thing!

Good long run with the Taconics today.  I’ve been traveling for the last several weeks, and have been running alone, so it was a nice change to have some company.  McMillian had me slated for 12-14, but it was just too cold, so we did 11. I’m not worried, though.  This, indeed, will be the blog post I read after Boston when I realize I didn’t do enough long runs.  “Nice call, Cohen, take it easy when it’s cold.  Nice 5 hour marathon.”

I’ve developed some sort of pain on my left foot, I had thought it was a blister but after bitching about it pretty much all day I tried to pop it, to no avail.  I saw a Podiatrist  who said my left arch has fallen and I should consider prosthetics.  This was not the fantastic Dr. Oricchio, who I love very much.  He was out at a conference yesterday so I had to see someone else.  Who I didn’t love as much.  Or at all.  Especially after the whole fallen arch suggestion.  I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to run today, and fell asleep reading an article in Runner’s World saying at any sign of injury one should take three days off.  Needless to say, I got up and ran.

A little pain at the start, but overall a good run.  We had some fun “chasing” a runner who had gotten ahead.  I took it easy.  It being so cold and all.

Post run I had (as per Runner’s World) whole grain waffles with Greek yogurt.  So far I feel great.  No nap yet.  Then again, I’ve only been home an hour.  Maybe just a short nap…

Written by Greg Cohen


Joe O'Brien

Hi Greg,
I can recommend Stide Rite orthotics in Thomastown in Ct. This is the factory and they measure you up and make the orthotics on site. Most PT’s here just take measurements and sent them off to a factory like Stride Rite. 1 800 787 7879. I had problems with my first pair because they were not measured correctly by a local PT.

Greg Cohen

Hey Thanks Joe! I’m feeling a lot better now, going to try to hit the track this afternoon (I’m in Phoenix with a cancelled flight — good for running, bad for family life. Still had an appointment with the foot man on Friday, if I can get home.


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