Boston Buildup 25k Race Report

There’s something about the metric system that seems so manageable to me.  Weekend warriors run a 5k, right?  A 10k is under an hour, right?  A 15k?  Well, that’s such a weird distance that no one can rattle off their PR in a 15k.  It’s less than a half marathon.  So that’s good.

Last weekend, I thought to my self “self, you’re running a race next Sunday.  Well, at least it won’t be as long as the half marathon you ran a few weeks ago.”  Mentally, I was ready to hit the course, relax and see what I had to do.   However, a horrible google search revealed what I guess everyone who isn’t a total moron knows:   a 25k is 15.53 miles.

Man, I’m an idiot.  Once I realized how long the course was, I started to ask around.  I was speaking to my friend Ted who offered: “That course may be the hardest race I’ve ever run.  It’s all uphill.”  All uphill?  Clearly, I had to gather more opinions — “It’s only uphill for the first half,” added fellow Taconic Karen.  Ted agreed:  “Yeah, you’re over the hardest hills after the first hour.”  Gulp.  Hour.

The Boston Buildup is a series of races organized by Club Connecticut , and features four races, a 10k, 15k, 20k, and 25k.  That’s a lot of metric.  OK, I’ll stop.  It’s designed to be training runs for people doing Boston, but anyone can run it.  And it’s not a training run.  It’s a freakin’ race.  With some great runners, coming from both New England and New York.  I only did the 25k this year, but I have to say I’m hooked.  It’s a great, if thin field — 200 runners or so I’d say, but great runners all around.

Course from GPS -- Click for larger

I would hope, in perfect conditions (!), to be able to run a 25k in 1:51, which would be a 7:10 pace.  I thought I’d shoot for a 7:15 as I knew it was going to be freakin’ super freakin’ hilly.  Here’s a course profile from my GPS, it’s really mile 5>8.5 that are killer, but overall it’s no picnic throughout.  Around mile 12, when I asked about the 4th person I saw “hey, 25k is 15.5 miles, right?” I added a “it’s gotta be close to the end.”  The guy I was running next to said “just keep running the miles.”  Poetry indeed.

Overall unofficial time was 1:51:56, for a 7:12 pace.  I’m thrilled.  But sore.  Oh so sore.

Written by Greg Cohen

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