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Winter Running

on Jul 3, 2011 in Routes

Just did a short job in Buenos Aires. Where it’s winter.  It gets dark early.  People walk down the street bundled up in scarfs and thick jackets.  The other runners I saw were all in tights and compression sleeves.   People huddle together against the cold while waiting for the bus. It was 50°. So anyway, it was great to take a break from the heat of New York.  I was working with another guy who ran, so we went out pretty much every day.  There are a couple of great parks, and tons of runners.  It really feels like a vibrant community.  There was a 10k today, but alas I left last night so I didn’t run it.  Two good loops to share, both starting out from the Sheraton Hotel.  The first is an easy out and back near the Puerto Modero waterfront.  You can also run along the waterfront development itself, but I imagine during the summer months it’ll get quite busy...

Beautiful day in Grapevine. Speed workout on a treadmill.

on Mar 24, 2010 in Routes

I’m in lovely Grapevine, Texas. Really, it’s nice here. Good flat roads, not a lot of traffic. I’m staying at the Gaylord Texan, which is a totally unremarkable place, but it’s remarkably close to a nice residential area, which seems very runner friendly. I had a couple of good runs, yesterday with a buddy, so I put off my speed workout until today. Today I woke up realizing I was going to have some time, so I decided to take my iPod to work and sync it up with some new music. I also thought about taking my GPS as it needed a charge and I wanted to sync up that as well. Work was more stressful then I thought, and when I got the OK to leave, I had to leave work quickly. I, of course, left my GPS and my iPod at work. While changing I thought to myself “self, you can do this without your GPS. You don’t have to listen to music. Go Old School! Be at one...

Miami Beach out and back; it could have been a lot worse!

on Mar 19, 2010 in Routes

Well, my job in Miami was just fine — no major stress, good people.  Couldn’t fit in a speed workout, and wound up doing the same out and back three times.  Normally that would be unremarkable, but this was a great out and back.  Pancake flat, starting on a boardwalk, then sidewalk (ok so it’s not perfect).  Sand and surf on one side, art deco buildings on the other.  It can get worse.  Sometimes being in nice places and running is nice.  Short post, but had to share the route! Miami Beach from FontainebleauFind more Runs in Miami Beach,...

Loop from Marriott Desert Ridge Villas / JW Marriott / Phoenix

on Feb 11, 2010 in Routes

Very happy, but wish it was a little longer, and that the first mile was a little quieter, but for what is obviously a heavily populated area it’s a good loop. Run from Marriott Canyon Villas / JW MarriottFind more Runs in Phoenix, Arizona

Good long run from Orlando’s Coronado Springs Resort

on Jan 3, 2010 in Routes

My job often brings me to some challenging cities for running.  Vegas.  Orlando.  Orlando.  Vegas.  Orlando has some great places to run, to be sure.  The problem is that I’m often staying on the Disney World property which is not runner friedly.  The resorts are often accessed only by 55 mph roads populated by drivers whose years on the planet have not helped their ability to navigate their gas-guzzling rental cars.  Leaping out of the way of a gentile grandfather is not the kind of anaerobic workout many runners seek. This week at I’m the Coronado Springs, which is on the eastern end of the resort area.  I discovered a nice quiet road leading off the property (past the Disney landfill.  hmmmm, smelly), and did a great 11 or 12 miler yesterday.  This is my first long run in preparation for Boston, and it was a joy.  Sunny but cool.  As a New Yorker, I’m happy with...

Run at the Rockies — a nice surprise

on Dec 17, 2009 in Routes

I’m running Boston this spring,; I’m waiting for a plan I ordered from Greg McMillan.  16 weeks of training will begin on the 28th, so I have another week of listless sloth.  OK, that’s not exactly right, but I’m not running hard, trying to establish a good base to offset burnout.  So it’s hard to push hard when it’s crappy out. It’s a cold 30° here. With a little bit of wind. And a little bit of ice. I thought about going to the gym.  Or taking the day off. Imagine my delight when one of my running friends, Guy, called around lunchtime saying he had a day off work and asking if I could run.  As I work from home when not on the road, I’m always up for a mid-day run.  We went to the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, or “the Rockies” as many a better local runner call it.  It’s only my third time there, so it’s great...