Coming up short

As well as plenty of time in Las Vegas, I seem to find myself in Orlando, and it’s hard to complain about being here in January.  This year especially, the weather has been great, and I’m lucky enough to get out and run in it more than I deserve.

After my disappointing run on New Year’s day, I was thrilled to find a 5k to run here.  I figured I could sneak in a race, and if it went well, I could tell my friends.  And if it went poorly, I could just keep it to myself.  A friend Michelle found a 5k in the lovely town of Mineola which was someplace I’ve never been.  My friend and colleague Clinton had never raced before, so it was awesome to bring someone along who was going to PR no matter what.  We headed out to make the best of the race.

It was pretty clear right from the outset that this race was super informal.  I noticed when we registered they handed out numbers without noting names on the registration form.  So that means no published results.  Or awards.  What could be better?

The race was the same weekend as the Disney half and full marathons, and there weren’t a lot of crazy looking runners out at this event.  There were plenty of strollers and enthusiastic high schoolers, but we were crazy early.  Clinton and I ran about a mile and a half, and still had about 25 minutes before the start.

I really wanted to go under 20 minutes. I felt like trying to do the first mile at 6:20, as per my friend fast Greg’s advice, would be a good start.  6:18.  Right on target.  But in the hellish second mile, I faded to a miserable 6:39.  And I felt like I was giving it all I had.  In the final mile, I had no more to give.  Came in and hit the watch.  19:30.  Whoa!  Sub 20.  But then I looked at the distance.  3.0 miles.  THE COURSE WAS SHORT.

Ug.  I guess I wasn’t so upset because I’d rather come up short than get another 20:08 or whatever.  But it was painful.  I did come in 4th or 5th overall.  Which is as close to the front as I’ve ever been.

Not a lot more to say.  I was glad to get out for a race.  I wish they had measured the course correctly.  I also wish I had run faster!

It was great to be running with Clinton, who came in 6th or 7th overal — which is amazing.  I expect great things in the future from him. Next time, we’ll run a certified course.


Written by Greg Cohen

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