Five Days to Go, But Who’s Counting?

I’m counting!  Man oh man am I counting.

I’m in Berlin doing a project with long hours, so I have to say I’m happy to taper.  I had a good long run around the Tiergarten, which is a fantastic place to run.  Lots of great dirt surfaces, pancake flat.  I ran the first six miles easy, and the last six at 7:25 or so, and I felt good throughout.  Here’s a map of my hotel just to rub in how close it is to the park.  I think it might be, in terms of running, the best place I’ve ever stayed.

The scene in the park is quite different than say New York’s central park.  I hate to generalize, but the German runners seem a bit more relaxed.  I mean, relaxed as in healthy.  Everyone looked happy.  No one doing speed workouts.  Everyone well balanced, happy with their life and all that Western Europe brings them.  OK, I realize I’m making all of this up — but indeed I think it is a bit more mellow here.

Which in a way is what I need.  I’m getting totally stressed out about Boston — as it’s my first and I do feel like this year’s training as bit a bit more European than I’d like!  I know I’ve been working hard, but my confidence isn’t where I’d like it to be.

Saturday, a 12 miler was my last long run — the last six run at marathon pace.  Sunday I did an easy 45 mintues through the Brandenburg Gate and then east — this is a great running town, but at 6:00am on a Sunday I saw zero other runners.  I’d suggest that the German runners were all sleeping. Which is very healthy indeed.

Hoping to get out today — long flight home tomorrow.  Ah, jetlag.  Something else to be stressed about!

Written by Greg Cohen

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