Hill Repeats. I fear the first of many.

I’ve been out of town for about a week and a half. First to Orlando, where they are having some sort of cold spell, and then to Detroit, where they are having a heat wave. By heat wave, I mean it’s getting up to about 30° every day.

I went to college in the Midwest, and I have always had a soft spot for all things Midwestern. I’ve been working, on and off, at the Detroit Autoshow for 14 years, and I to say the city is worse for wear. I am an apologist for places that are suffering, but it’s becoming harder to root for a the motor city. Their infrastructure doesn’t have the resources to plow the sidewalks or the streets.   I have a fear of injury:  I was  sidelined last year myself, and I think we all know people with winter setbacks. Therefore I decided, over not a few beers, to hit the treadmill.  Well, I decided to get some sleep.  And then hit the treadmill.

I’m not as against the treadmill as other runners, and have some friends who swear by it.  Before everyone screams about how evil the treadmill is, please read this.    See, it’s not so bad!

I enjoyed a run on Saturday, but I wasn’t able to do longer than an hour due to fear of boredom. On Saturday night, my iPod was stolen out of my hotel room (see also: Detroit) so on Sunday I found myself mentally challenged as well. I did an easy hour using my iPhone, which makes a nice iPod. My earbuds don’t do as well as the $10 headphones that were liberated from my possession, so they kept popping out of my ears in a sea of, er, what’s the word? Sweat. Yes, I suspect that was sweat.

I was therefore thrilled to be home today and I hit the hills at FDR. Fellow Taconics Ted, Karen and Guy provided some great advice. I love the dialogue we can all sustain — at work, I wonder about the right way to ask a question and worry I’m going to be taxing the resources of a client or a colleague. Amongst runners, any question — about running — is fair game I guess, am I’m lucky to have the resources of others.

My training plan called for 6-8 @ 90 second hill repeats.  I did 7.  This was the first hill workout I’ve ever done.  I like the 90 second “lap” as the suffering isn’t as sustained.  I hate the hills because, well, they are hills.  I feel OK, but I’m scared as to what tomorrow may bring.

Written by Greg Cohen

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