Long Run in the Rain

I think it was last Wednesday when I awoke to the radio announcer’s excitement: “Folks, we’ve got a HUGE storm coming this weekend. We are going to get DUMPED ON.” Realizing that I was planning to do a 20 miler, I wasn’t surprised. Bad weather and long runs. Like peanut butter and more peanut butter.

It was raining the entire run, but we still had a great turnout. Many Taconics showed up — I think there were five or six who did the full 20. It was fun, plenty of good conversation and very little bitching about the weather. Afterwards we all enjoyed the perfect recovery drink.  Picture was taken by George, the president of the Taconics — that’s me in my new festive yellow Brooks Nightlife vest.  Fancy!

No real pain after the run, just fatigue.

Now I’m in Miami, working on a project doing 16 hour days.  I had a great hour long run yesterday in the sun, amongst the bikinied masses.  It was a nice change, I have to say — usually when I’m in Florida it’s 100 degrees and running is a chore. It was nice to have a good day out.

Now I’m stuck inside, and my depression at not being able to run is exasperated by my memory of  the good run yesterday.  It’s like having a great vacation and then a crap day at work.  Wait, we just got wrapped for the day.  Maybe I can get in a quick run.

Written by Greg Cohen

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