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Whoa.  Way too long since my last post.  Here’s what’s going on:  Boston training in full swing.  Feel sluggish all the time, except when I don’t.  Then I feel like a gazelle.  Which is a good feeling.  It’s weird when I flap my wings as I run down suburban streets, but these things happen.

I am back in Las Vegas and had a pretty great run today — and really the point of this post is to upload some pictures because I ran with my phone.  That’s always a tough debate for me… other than not always having a place to put my phone there are some pros and cons.  Pros: It’s great to be able to take picture,  listen to rocking tunes, interesting podcasts and be vaguely aware that I could make a call if I had to.  Cons:  phone rings.  you’re on a run.  What do you do?  Answer it.  Spoiler alert: you’re an asshole.  No one wants to talk to you when you sound like you’re  having an asthmatic event.  But even knowing I’ve missed a call can stress me out.  What did they want?  Am I fired?  Why can’t I just run without worrying about work?  What’s wrong with my clients?  What’s wrong with me?  So many questions.

So today I reached an excellent compromise — I carried my phone but listened to my old school ipod nano.  So even when people called me, I was blissfully unaware.  So I ran and got pictures.  Perfect.

Today I am back in Vegas, and on my training plan I had an 18 mile long run with the last six miles at marathon pace.  As I had access to a car, I headed out to Red Rocks which I’ve only been to twice before.  As I wanted a road rather than a trail today, the plan was to run the scenic drive, which is a 13 mile loop and then tag the last five miles on as an out and back.

The run started off slow — the wind was killing me running uphill, and I was listening to a terrible audiobook.  But as I got past the half way point in my run, I was starting to feel better and better.  I switched to Selected Shorts which made for much better listening.  It really is a fantastic place to run.  Traffic only runs one way, so less chance of getting killed.  Tons of other runners out there, bikers, etc.  Can’t say enough good things

At the 12 mile mark, it was time to pick up the pace and I had no problem hitting 7:30, 7:20 pace.  It felt great.  Sure, I was running downhill.  But man it felt good.  Nothing could stop me.

I had to run past my car and do a five mile out and back.  Ran the 2.5 miles.  Everything was great.  Then I turned around.  Good grief.  There was an incredible head wind that of course I didn’t even notice.  Running down hill.  The long climb up those 2.5 miles felt horrible, like I was running through shit.  Which I was.  The shit of wind and my broken dreams.  I kept my eye on the heart rate monitor and I knew I was working, but my times were horrible.

All in all, it was great to be out there — there’s just over seven weeks left and I gotta keep my mileage up.  I’m busy at work now and I’m stressed about running next week.  But all in all, I feel OK.

Ah, the pictures.  Here they are.  They kinda looked better before I realized I was uploading them to the web.  But I can’t say enough good things about running at Red Rocks.  See you there next time?


Written by Greg Cohen

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Laura Shea

Wow! Glad you figured out how to have your phone camera on this run. Fabulous pictures. A little hard to take as we look out at, can it be? More snow. I see my fellow runner the tortoise was on the road with you too! Enjoy!


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