Manhattan Half Marathon — Happy Winter

Had a great run yesterday at the Manhattan Half Marathon, which traditionally has been a race plagued by horrible weather.  Yesterday it was almost 40° at the start, with overcast skies but no rain.  It was great.

I had been nervous about this race because it’s so early in my training for Boston; there’s still 11 weeks or so to go, and I’ve only done 3 speed workouts.  I wanted to run well, and of course avoid injury, and in the end I was very happy.

I have a constant internal debate about races while in training.  Most of my friends in the Taconic Road Runners seem to be of the old school, in that a race is a race and you’re to push it as hard as you can.  I remember last summer talking to someone who was about five weeks away from running the New York marathon.  She was talking about a half that weekend, and I asked “Are you going to race it all out?” to which she replied “As opposed to what?”.  I realized then that the whole deferring energy for a targeted race weeks away was not a given.  Many many people felt when you show up on the starting line, you  show up to race, not to to do a tempo run.

Yesterday, I tried to be old school, and push as hard as I could. I would have been over-the-moon with a 1:32, but I was thrilled with my 1:33:54. My last three miles were all sub-7, with an overall pace of 7:10.

So much of the quality of the run was based on being in a good corral, something with which I’ve had trouble in the past.

Post Race. Smile all around.

I was very happy, to be sure. But it was also awesome that so many of my team-mates did well.   And wrote some great race reports!

I’m very frustrated with not being able to get a perma-link to race results at NYRR, but I have to point out that Cathrine Wolden came in first in her age with a freakin’ fantastic time of 1:26:17. Here’s a post race picture, left to right, fellow Taconics Stu Weitzman, your humble if out of uniform writer, Cathrine Wolden and Eliot Lee.  The picture was taken by Grenier.

Written by Greg Cohen

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