Duel with the Sun

One of my favorite things about running is that it provides the opportunity to complain about everything. This year, my complaint was primarily about a sunny day. I think the high was 75° or so, which sounds fantastic. Who doesn’t like a sunny day. Lots of sun. No clouds. Plenty of sun. Zero shade.  Awesome. So me and… Read more »

Winning in Dallas

The countdown to Boston is counting down. I had a bit break from the stress yesterday – it wasn’t until I was actually winding down last night, about to go to sleep, that I thought to myself “wow, self, home much time till Boston?  TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY! Crap! I’m totally unprepared! It’s going to blow!”… Read more »

So do I just keep saying nice things about Las Vegas?

I’m back in Las Vegas. An occupational hazard, but I’m liking it more and more. I’m in my sixth or seventh week of Boston training and things are going pretty well. Not great, of course. I’ve had to cut a speed workout or two short, and I’ve developed a little foot pain and a fantastic… Read more »

Well, at least it was a PR.

I’m just now back from running the 5th Avenue Mile, which is a race the New York Road Runners have been doing since 1982.  It’s a great run from 79th street to 59th street, right along 5th avenue (kinda all there in the name).  There’s prize money and a professional field, so turnout for this… Read more »

Bio Diversity: Summer in Las Vegas

Back in Vegas, baby! I am lucky enough to have two jobs — in a row — in Las Vegas.  And, it being July, it is hot as hot can be out there.  I’ve been getting out most mornings, when it is a very nice 70° or so, but by the evening it’s well over… Read more »

Ten Things I learned at the Boston Marathon 2015

Ten Things I learned at the Boston Marathon 2015 I know it comes as a great surprise, but I spend a great deal of time on the Internet. And one thing that I’ve noticed that’s become increasingly popular is the use of listicle, which aren’t really articles, they’re just lists. You know, like Buzzfeed. Everyone loves the… Read more »

San Francisco: I get it now

In the mid 90s, I watched my first episode of ER.  Everyone else in the world had watched it before me.  But for some reason, I missed it.  I didn’t know what the big fuss was.  Then I saw it.  There was action.  Smart doctors, attractive people, heroic, lifesaving measures.  After ten minutes, I got it.  I… Read more »

Long Run Red Rocks ROCKS

Whoa.  Way too long since my last post.  Here’s what’s going on:  Boston training in full swing.  Feel sluggish all the time, except when I don’t.  Then I feel like a gazelle.  Which is a good feeling.  It’s weird when I flap my wings as I run down suburban streets, but these things happen. I… Read more »

Las Vegas: I’ve been doing it wrong

I’m the first to complain about running in Las Vegas.  Although I love working here, it can be hard to grind out miles on the strip at any time — in the morning, there are drunks and whores.  The rest of the day, just tons and tons of people.  I’ve blogged about it. That makes… Read more »