Run at the Rockies — a nice surprise

I’m running Boston this spring,; I’m waiting for a plan I ordered from Greg McMillan.  16 weeks of training will begin on the 28th, so I have another week of listless sloth.  OK, that’s not exactly right, but I’m not running hard, trying to establish a good base to offset burnout.  So it’s hard to push hard when it’s crappy out.

It’s a cold 30° here. With a little bit of wind. And a little bit of ice. I thought about going to the gym.  Or taking the day off.

Imagine my delight when one of my running friends, Guy, called around lunchtime saying he had a day off work and asking if I could run.  As I work from home when not on the road, I’m always up for a mid-day run.  We went to the Rockefeller State Park Preserve, or “the Rockies” as many a better local runner call it.  It’s only my third time there, so it’s great to have a guide.  I’m posting our loop here, as it’s awesome.  The downside is that the Google doesn’t have the trails mapped, so there isn’t much detail.

It was a great run — it came in at like an 8:30 pace, which is good on an off day with tons of hills. Hell, it’s good any day.

Written by Greg Cohen

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