Size Matters

I had a great marathon in the spring.  I wrote a about it.  I was very happy.  But ever since then, less happy.  I’ve run two races before today of which I was so not-proud that I didn’t even blog about them!  Can you imagine?  Yeah, me neither!  But I’ve been getting in the miles, going to speed workouts, getting in my long runs, etc., but still I haven’t been able to get my weight back to where I want it and I think that is really messing me up.

Runners are nuts.  We somehow believe that just by running a shitload we can eat whatever we want.  And as much as we want.  And I think there is some real truth to that — we can eat a lot, and I do.  But over time, I’ve inched up to around 180, where I think I’d be much happier at 175.  I’d be over the moon at 170.  (I’m 6′-0″),  and at 165, man I’d kill it!  This isn’t all just in my head:  10 pounds seems to equal 20 seconds per mile (see, it’s on livestrong, so its gotta be true).  I’m going to try to cut out sugar and up my protean as I have been doing a low-fat diet for so long that I need to try something new.  Details to follow!

That being said, given my two recent race times (20:42 in a 5k and 34:52 in a 5 miler), today’s race was right on track. But I’m rushing things.  I do that when I eat too.

Today’s race  in the city was NYRR’s Autism Speaks 4 miles of hope, which is rumored to be the easiest course in central park.  Spoiler alert:  there are no easy courses in central park.  Hills everywhere!

I got to drive my new car which is an electric plug in.  Which makes me very happy because the milage is outrageous.  As we often do at the Taconics, we car pooled — five in the car and with parking it was <$5 each.  Fantastic!

We got to the race in plenty of time, arriving in central park about 7am for an 8am gun.  It’s easy to complain about getting up to early, but it sure is nice to not have to stress at all.  I got in a nice warmup, and was in the corral by 7:45 or so.  I did notice that the corral smelled like old socks.  It was freaking humid out there, and there’s nothing like a group of runners standing around in close corners to make your eyes water.  Man, I was happy for that run to start.

We were off and the first mile felt great — I got in at 6:40 — which was fine.  Based on my crappy race times of late — plugged into McMillian — a 6:44 would have been a good pace.  And the second mile was good too.  But then the dreaded third mile came in at 7:14.  Yikes.  And then my 4th mile was at 6:49, for an overall time of 26:54.

At the end I just felt dead.  People were passing me — not as many as my last couple of races, but still I wasn’t happy.

I’ve got a lot of thinking to do — we’ve got a half marathon — Dutchess — coming up in a week and I ran it last year and was very happy.  I’m not sure I need to run another race and feel sad.  I’m going to keep hitting the speed workouts and I have been watching what I eat.  We’ll see.  Maybe I’ll run the 5k at Dutchess to hammer out a few fast miles, but I have a lot of friends doing the half.

It’s true that I still feel lucky to be running and lucky to have such great running friends.  And it’s true that it’s great to just get out there and race.  But when you put the emotional investment in a race and do badly, it doesn’t feel good.  Hopefully some good will come from that bad and I can push myself to do better.



Written by Greg Cohen

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Ruben Kenig

The guideline for road cyclists used to be 2lbs/inch of height. That would put you at 144lbs. I doubt that would be healthy (or fun). Body-fat measurements are probably the way to go these days.


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