So do I just keep saying nice things about Las Vegas?

Typical Vegas Run

Typical Vegas Run

I’m back in Las Vegas. An occupational hazard, but I’m liking it more and more.

I’m in my sixth or seventh week of Boston training and things are going pretty well. Not great, of course. I’ve had to cut a speed workout or two short, and I’ve developed a little foot pain and a fantastic blister, but I’m having fun for once.

I had 18 miles on my schedule (training for Boston) and I couldn’t decide if I should run on the strip or take an uber out to Red Rocks. I did an hour long run the night before, and I had to stop about 15 times for stoplights. Vegas blows near the strip. I had to have a shitty run to remind me of that.

So it was off to Red Rocks – a fantastic place that’s about a 25 minute drive from the strip. In the past, I’ve had to rent a car for this adventure, which has set me back about $100 if I could keep it to a day. But now, there is Uber in Las Vegas, and it was a great solution. It was $33 going there, and $27 coming back, so $60 total which obviously isn’t super cheap, but it was so so worth it. I asked the driver to go right to the visitor center, and they charged us $7 to get in. You can actually pull over on the road but you have to sneak in — even if you’re running they charge you to enter.

I have a colleague who is a cyclist and lives in Vegas, and he helped me find a great route. There’s a 13 mile scenic drive in the red rocks park itself, and then it’s another 5 to a little desert town called Blue Diamond, which is freaking fantastic.

The run was great; I ran super slower, but felt good the whole time. I stopped and checked on my blister which I have named JUSTICE after Kara Goucher’s post marathon unloading on her former coach (good video. no tears.)

I always worry when I run alone that I run way too slow, and my pace was just shy of ten minute pace. But every time I started to try to pick it up I just started to feel like slowing it down. So I did!

Blue Diamond itself is fantastic – there’s a general store which is also the sheriff station (I shit you not).  I got an egg and cheese sandwich, coffee, etc. And got an Uber back. Really a great day.

Written by Greg Cohen

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