The paper of record nails it.


I do love the New York Times.  I mean, I’m a freaking tree hugger anyway, so I need to read the editorial page daily so I know what to think about all political and social issues.  Today, they ran a piece by Amby Burfood and George A Hirsch which I feel is a home run in describing the culture of the amateur long distance runner.   I recommend you read it now.

The essay starts by talking about Kip Litton, who was profiled in an amazing New Yorker article (which is now online and not trapped behind the paywall).  Dr. Litton is a runner who apparently cheated in many marathons, and was discovered by the community at large and revealed as a fraud.

Unlike the New Yorker article, the Times peace is about the community that brings us together rather than the frauds that try to drive us apart.  It’s truly inspiring.

I ran a great 18 miler yesterday, which really went well.  I did the last three miles at faster than 7:24, which is my goal marathon pace, and it felt fine.  “Fine” in this case means I only felt like throwing up about 95% of the time.  But it was great.

Today, I got up and wanted to run for an hour.  I felt great.  Until I took that first step.  Then everything felt all horribly locked up.  I imagine from yesterday’s run.  Wound up doing 4 miles instead of 7.  My run wasn’t inspiring.  Luckily I had read a good article to feel inspired about!

Written by Greg Cohen

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