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I feel great guilt about being away from home during hurricane Sandy.  I hesitate to post about by run, which was great.  But it was filled with great guilt.  So I put off posting about it.  Because that’s totally mature.

I had a good run.  Churned out 22 miles here — where it was sunny and warm.  Unlike my last non-US long run, I only got lost two or three times, so it was less frustrating than usual.

This was my last long run before Philly, and the schedule had me dow for 20-24 miles.  I chose 20.  It was great.  I started by running down Avinguda Diagonal, which is a great broad street with a center bike and running path.  Took a right, headed down to the sea, and then I was on the beach.  Too cold to swim, but nice to run.  Saw big groups of runners, everyone looking very fashionable.  Many were wildly overdressed.   It’s 50° out, and folks are wearing sweat shirts, tights, scarves.  Also, there seems to be something in the air here that makes men thing Capri length tights are appropriate.  Not sure what that’s all about.

It does seem like a lot of the runners are less casual than the runners you’d see in New York.  I made a trip to a local running store (two trips, actually. Apparently stores are closed between 3pm and 5:30!).  The clothing looked great.  A shirt was typically $90.  So I didn’t buy any shirts.

All and all, a good run — kept it just under 8:30 pace.  Feeling good.

Good run.



Written by Greg Cohen

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